Advancing sustainable mobility through citizen science: read WeCount’s feature in ELTIS

09 November, 2021
If urban mobility is to be truly sustainable, it must be designed around the needs of the public. However, understanding these requirements, and securing accurate and accessible data, is often complex. Citizen science is proving an effective tool for generating and analysing data on urban mobility, with findings helping to shape policymaking.

As WeCount count activities slowly come to an end, the outcomes resulting from the different project pilots and case studies are making headlines.

Recently, ELTIS (the Urban Mobility Observatory) published a case study that focuses on WeCount's activities and their added value. The item particularly highlights the activities carried out in our case study city of Ljubljana, and the activities carried out with university students which led to an evidence-based redesign of active mobility infrastructure in the city.

You can read the full case study directly on the ELTIS Portal here.

Photo credits: WeCount project/POLIS