Cardiff citizens use data from WeCount to communicate road safety concerns to local councillors

15 December, 2021
The Cardiff case study primarily explored the interlinkages between road transport and air pollution.

The activities in Cardiff investigated issues such as traffic volume (i.e. number of vehicles on the road), vehicle types (i.e. cars, HGVs), vehicle speed and solutions such as active travel. By exploring these issues, local partners gained insights into other urban mobility challenges such as road safety, rat-running and barriers to sustainable behaviours.

Thanks to this video, WeCount partner University of West of England introduces the project's local impact on mobility, in Cardiff. It focuses on citizens' concerns about lack of road safety, rat-running and lack of cycling infrastructure. It also mentions how the gathered data from WeCount has enabled citizens to communicate their concerns to local councillors.

The recently launched video sheds some light on these and other dimensions of WeCount’s Cardiff activities. Check out the video below: