Transport & Mobility Leuven wins API of the year

26 November, 2020
WeCount partner, Transport & Mobility Leuven has been awarded Information Flanders’ ‘best API’ prize for its traffic measurement program with Telraam.

The API Awards celebrate and honour innovation in Application Programming Interface (API), putting good practice in the spotlight. API allows two different applications to communicate and share information with each other. Governments and organizations are increasingly recognising the importance of such platforms because they allow data to flow smoothly between applications and partners, simplifying administration, encouraging innovation and stimulating collaboration.

Transport & Mobility Leuven achieves just this. Using Telraam sensors, citizens themselves can register the number of cars, heavy traffic, buses, cyclists, and pedestrians in their street. The sensors were launched 18 months ago, with more than 1600 Telraam sensors now installed in Leuven, as well as across other projects across Europe. Indeed, Telraam technology has been instrumental in WeCount’s other pilot projects, securing access to crucial traffic data.

The award recognizes the innovative work WeCount’s partners are conducting, and its importance for enhancing data on urban mobility, and thus ensuring effective and targeted policy initiatives.

"Thanks to the API, our users can get to work themselves to analyse traffic in their street at their own neighbourhood level in more detail. According to the principles of creative commons, we make the data available as open data for non-commercial applications." says Kris Vanherle, a project coordinator.

WeCount extends a huge congratulations to the team at Transport & Mobility Leuven and look forward to continuing our work with them.

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